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I have come to the astounding conclusion that I do not want to be happy.Glad. Pleased. What is happiness anyway, but a simple passing moment? It’s here one second, the next it’s gone and you’ve learned absolutely nothing from it.

I do not want to be with the man I love, I do not want remind myself of the beautiful times we spent together and I don’t want to allow myself to dream, not even for a mere second, of how we could spend our years together, how we’d become lovers, husband and wife, parents, aunt and uncle, grandmother and grandfather and in the end die. Together or not, that’s less important, because no one has escaped death so far. And death is but an unadulterated welcome to my tragic faith that I, on my own, have set for myself. So there you go. I do not want to be happy.

Who does, anyway?


.. eu nu te iubesc. Corectez, eu nu mai iubesc. Exact, fara pronume. Nu a mai ramas nimic acolo unde trebuia sa fie. Din cand in cand ma mai incearca o stare de melancolie, dar imi dau seama ca mi-o impune creierul atunci cand ochii ajung prea prafuiti. Nu pot sa-i mai inchid, ma uimesc prea mult toata prostia si toata rautatea de pe lumea asta incat pleoapele s-au speriat si nu mai vor sa coboare. De fapt nici nu cred ca le mai am, au disparut complet. Eu n-o sa mai dorm niciodata cu ochii inchisi si o sa visez doar cu ei deschisi, la vremuri si locuri mai bune, la oameni mai calzi si mai inimosi.

Stii.. as vrea sa am un burete mare si galben, ca in desenele animate, sa sterg tot si s-o iau de la inceput. Asa voi face si cu textul asta, va fi sters cu buretele si rescris de cate ori va fi nevoie. Sau poate ca nu-l voi mai rescrie. Stii.. te-am mintit..